Cogut Institute for the Humanities
Center for the Study of the Early Modern World

2019-20 Events

Launched in 2019, the series "Remarking Boundaries" takes borders as its topic of inquiry, whether those borders seek to delimit territories, disciplines, or more fundamental orientations. Explore reports of these events!

The series started with the historian and author Carrie Gibson’s lecture on the forgotten Hispanic history of the U.S. Other exciting contributions included Shahzad Bashir’s talk on the significance of Persian chronicles in early modern India; Eugenio Menegon’s exploration of the role of women as sponsors of Jesuit missions in China; Anne Dunlop’s investigation of the cultural transfer of gold from Gothic Italy to Cattelan’s America; Gary Cestaro’s analysis of same-sex desire in Dante; and Andrés Eichmann’s rehabilitation of lost literature from colonial Charcas, now Bolivia.

Schedule of Events